Danish Scanpan Cookware

Discover the difference of quality cookware with premium Scanpan products, available to buy at Sur La Table. Scanpan, an abbreviation for “Scandinavian pan,” is made in Denmark and features Stratanium—a patented five-layered micro-textured coating system that provides nonstick protection to handle all your tough food preparation needs. This almost indestructible surface is 10 times harder than stainless steel, which makes it safe to use with metal tools. These dishwasher safe Scanpan products are must-haves for serious cooks and will elevate your cooking to the next level. And although they’re dishwasher safe, they clean up so quickly and easily, you may only need a sponge and some soapy water!

Scanpan: All Your Cooking Needs Covered

Sur La Table is proud to offer the Scanpan brand in our lineup. We offer multiple Scanpan products from which to choose, all at competitive prices. Whether you opt for a single Scanpan skillet for browning, sautéing and searing meats or you purchase the Scanpan CS+ 10-Piece Set that comes complete with all the tools you need to create something wonderful in your kitchen, you won’t regret your Scanpan investment from Sur La Table. Whip up your family’s favorite sauces in a Scanpan saucepan with a lid, or prepare large one-pot meals with the Scanpan Pro IQ Nonstick Dutch Oven. You’ll enjoy these high-quality products for many years and will reach for them over and over for everything from your daily meal routines to special occasions with friends and family. When your Scanpan cookware is not in use, we think you’ll deem that their brushed stainless steel exterior makes them beautiful enough to display on one of our pot racks.