Scanpan CS+

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Safe and Sustainable Cookware with Stratanium+ Technology

Since 1956, SCANPAN has been a forerunner in manufacture of safe and sustainable cookware. Based in Ryomgård, Denmark, SCANPAN handcrafts non-stick products from 100% recycled aluminum under strict environmental standards. In fact, each piece of cookware passes through the hands of eight artisans before it leaves the factory.

SCANPAN’s CS+ cookware line features their revolutionary, professional-grade Stratanium+ non-stick technology, a durable, micro-textured surface yielding exceptional release and searing capability. True to their commitment to safety, the company manufactures CS+ cookware completely free of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), including perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA).

With five-layer, clad-aluminum construction and brushed stainless steel exteriors, these pieces include SCANPAN’s lifetime guarantee. Their high-quality composition yields outstanding heat conduction and distribution, as well as heat retention. CS+ cookware performs with excellence on any heat source, including induction stovetops. Furthermore, the pieces are oven-safe to 500°F.

Designed for Every Chef, At-Home or Professional

More chef-friendly aspects of CS+ design include ergonomically designed handles that provide a comfortable grip, sturdily riveted to the cookware body.

Some of these professional-grade pieces have tempered glass lids that offer 20% more viewing space than other leading brands, so food preparation can be easily monitored. Whether newly starting cook or restaurant pro, all chefs will enjoy the amazing, scratch-resistant functionality of SCANPAN’s CS+ cookware line.