Zwilling Spirit

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Zwilling—Offering Nearly Three Centuries of Expert Craftsmanship

It’s unsurprising that 100 countries worldwide trust Zwilling for high-performing, quality kitchen products. Since 1731, when the company began as a family-run cutlery forge in Solingen, Germany, they’ve grown to encompass six major kitchenware brands, including Demeyere, that reflect innovation, sustainability and impeccable craftsmanship.

Zwilling’s Spirit cookware line demonstrates the company’s consistent high standards. This non-stick-coated cookware line features durable, three-ply, 3mm-thick clad construction. An aluminum core, encapsulated by premium-grade stainless steel, ensures quick and even heat distribution.

The interior of Zwilling Spirit cookware is coated with Ceraforce Ultra ceramic non-stick, a durable, FDA-approved coating that’s free of manmade chemicals polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) and perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA). The manufacture of Ceraforce produces 60% less carbon than traditional non-stick coatings, and no toxic fumes are released.

Besides being safe for both humans and the planet, the outstanding performance of Ceraforce Ultra allows chefs to use less oil in their cooking. The result is lower-fat, healthier dining options.

Zwilling Spirit Cookware—For a Lifetime of Deliciousness

As with all their cookware, Zwilling invests meticulous care and thought into the design of Spirit cookware, knowing the importance of seemingly small details to chefs’ ease-of-use. For example, their large, stay-cool handles are ergonomically constructed and riveted in place to offer a secure grip, even while wearing oven mitts. Flared rims facilitate dripless pouring, and clear glass lids conveniently allow food preparation monitoring without loss of moisture or heat.

Experience the difference with Zwilling’s Spirit cookware—enjoyable for a lifetime of delectable meals.