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Make More with Roasting Pans
Create something that serves as the centerpiece of your next big gathering with a roasting pan from Sur La Table. After all, it’s the roast, the bird or the stunning crown rack that always steals the show. With high-quality options by all the best cookware brands—Mauviel, Le Creuset, All-Clad, Staub and Scanpan, to name a few—and a wide variety of materials, shapes, sizes and special features, Sur La Table’s collection undoubtedly includes a style to serve whatever you’re having.
Cook and serve in the same dish with pretty stoneware or enameled cast iron by your favorite legacy cooking brands. Just don’t forget the trivet.

Finding the Perfect Large or Small Roasting Pan
With all of these options available, it can be a challenge to know which roasting pan is best-suited to your needs. The first thing to consider when selecting the perfect pan is the material. Do you go with a gorgeous handcrafted copper Mauviel roasting pan that may require a little extra maintenance or a durable stainless steel style from Sur La Table or All-Clad that you’ll feel good about using again and again? For roasting big pieces of meat like turkeys, ducks, chickens, roast beef and prime rib, we recommend choosing one of our large copper or stainless steel roasting pans featuring a nonstick rack that provides even heating and complete circulation.
We also have a wide variety of ceramic roasting pans, including the investment-grade ceramic bakers by Staub and Le Creuset, which bring a rustic, colorful charm to casseroles, party dips, roasted veggies, rack of lamb, roast chicken and more. Sizes range from petite bakers to full-scale roasting pans that can hold a 20-plus pound turkey, so make sure to consider what you’ll be making in your pan before making a selection. At Sur La Table, our mission is simple: Make good food. Invite people. Do it daily. The perfect roasting pan can help you achieve this.