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Adding a Sauté Pan to Your Culinary Toolkit

Whether you’re a budding home chef or an enthusiastic beginner, you need a sauté pan as part of your core culinary toolkit, because they can do a whole lot more than you think. Though similar, sauté pans differ from typical skillets or frying pans in a few important ways. Most notably, sauté pans have taller, straighter sides as opposed to the skillet’s relatively low, flared sides. While the flared sides may improve pouring potential or your ability to access and mix foods as they cook, straight sides provide more cooking surface area and keep liquids more well-contained, so they’re often the better choice for simmering, braising or poaching.

Beside the fact that they have a larger surface area and straight sides, sauté pans differ from frying pans because they usually come with a lid, making them ideal for all your soupy, saucy creations. Sur La Table offers the best sauté pans by heirloom-grade cookware brands, including All-Clad, SCANPAN, GreenPan, Demeyere, Mauviel, La Marque, Le Creuset and more. Many of these brands back their products by a lifetime guarantee, so you can be sure it’s the only sauté pan you ever need to buy. Most styles feature comfortable stay-cool handles and durable, transparent glass lids for easy monitoring.

Copper, Aluminum, Nonstick or Stainless Steel Sauté Pan?

As with most pieces of day-to-day cookware, sauté pans come in a variety of different materials, including stainless steel, nonstick, copper, ceramic and aluminum. If you’re looking for the ideal everyday sauté pan, we always recommend a stainless steel or nonstick option. In fact, the tri-ply stainless steel sauté pan from our own collection is often the ideal choice for many because it provides the perfect mix of heat conductivity, responsiveness and control thanks to the rugged stainless steel construction.

Buying your first deep sauté pan? We always recommend sauté pans with lids to increase versatility. Lids seal in heat and moisture for lots of flavor-boosting simmering and steaming potential.

Regardless of which material you choose, a high-quality sauté pan can easily help you broaden your skillset so you can ¬make more and gather often. At Sur La Table, we’re happy to help you do that in any way we can.