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Schott Zwiesel and Beer—The Perfect Partnership

From pilsners to stouts, porters to Belgian ales, Schott Zwiesel offers the perfect glass for beer-drinkers to enjoy their favorites. Schott Zwiesel, renowned glassware manufacturer and innovator for nearly 150 years, has revolutionized the industry with their patented Tritan™ crystal. Created by removing lead and adding titanium and zirconium oxides to the glass formulation, Tritan™ crystal demonstrates outstanding reflectivity and refractive ability. The result is glassware with exceptional brilliance as well as significant resistance to breakage, chips and scratches. The glasses are also unfazed by thermal shock, making them completely dishwasher safe.

To add even more durability to designs with stems, Schott Zwiesel individually tempers the most vulnerable parts of the glass: the rim; junction of the bowl and stem; and junction of the foot and stem.

Beer Simply Tastes Better in a Schott Zwiesel Glass

The variety of artful designs and volume capacities of Schott Zwiesel beer glasses allow beer-lovers to fully enjoy their brew of choice. Beer just naturally tastes better when served in a glass crafted carefully to accommodate its distinctive qualities. It’s no wonder that the sparkling radiance plus practical durability of Schott Zwiesel beer glasses is insisted upon by fine restaurants, bars and resorts everywhere.