Schott Zwiesel Forte

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Schott Zwiesel Forte—Combining Radiance and Resilience

Renowned glassware leader and innovator Schott Zwiesel offers the Forte Collection of crystal glasses, favored by oenophiles the world over. This collection features the company’s patented Tritan™ crystal, created by removing lead and adding titanium and zirconium oxides to the glass formulation. As a result, Tritan™ crystal glassware is outstanding in its reflectivity and refractive ability, lending it exceptional brilliance. At the same time, this crystal is significantly resistant to breakage, chips, scratches and thermal shock, making it completely dishwasher safe.

Adding even more durability to Forte stemware, Schott Zwiesel individually tempers the most vulnerable parts of the glass: the rim; junction of the bowl and stem; and junction of the foot and stem.

Stemware that Elevates the Art of Winetasting

The gracefully tapered bowls and narrow necks of Forte stemware enhance the taste experience of numerous wine varietals. The glasses’ masterful design intentionally focuses wine to areas of the palate such that the full range of a wine’s flavors and aromas can be appreciated. Sparkling luminosity and practical durability meet in this crystal glassware insisted upon by fine restaurants, bars, resorts and sommeliers everywhere.