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Schott Zwiesel’s Pure Collection—Elegant Yet Practical

Schott Zwiesel glassware is renowned the world over for its design elegance and durability, owing in no small part to their revolutionary Tritan™ crystal. Created by removing lead and adding titanium and zirconium oxides to the glass formulation, Tritan™ crystal glassware exhibits extraordinary reflectivity and refractive ability, resulting in glassware with special radiance. At the same time, Tritan™ crystal demonstrates significant resistance to breakage, chips, scratches and thermal shock. Amazingly, Tritan™ crystal glasses are completely dishwasher safe.

To lend further strength, Schott Zwiesel individually tempers the most vulnerable parts of their stemware: the rim; junction of the bowl and stem; and junction of the foot and stem. The world’s finest restaurants, bars and resorts insist on Schott Zwiesel glassware for its distinctive combination of elegance and practicality.

Glassware with Character

Designed to offer a modern gourmet experience, glasses in the Pure Collection feature a unique, angular bowl, which allows fine wines to breathe, releasing the subtlest undertones of flavor and bouquet. The collection offers choices encompassing a wide range of beverages. See how the clarity and artistic lines of Pure glassware will bring sophistication and a touch of avant garde to your table.