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Unique, Planet-Friendly Kitchen and Bar Products

W & P—named for founders Josh Williams and Eric Prum—is definitely not your ordinary kitchen and bar supplies retailer. Starting with just one product, they’ve evolved to become the award-winning company they are today. This includes a creative team of designers and product developers who work closely with worldwide manufacturing experts to stay ahead of the changing way we cook, eat and drink.

Our selection of products from W & P reflect the company’s unique and innovative style. Their mission is to offer kitchen and bar essentials that empower not only the people who use them, but the planet as well. They do this in several ways, including eliminating waste with recyclable and reusable products, making sure suppliers and manufacturers employ sustainable practices, and going beyond by supporting organizations that help educate children on healthy, conscious eating.

Count on Fun, Creativity and Uncompromising Quality

W & P products are not only inventive and fully on-board with busy, contemporary lifestyles and eating habits, but they are designed and produced with no compromises on quality. From easy-to-use ice trays and beverage chilling stones to Star Wars™-themed kitchen tools, W & P can be counted on to deliver the extraordinary.