Coupe Dinnerware

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Showcase every meal on a simple yet stylish backdrop with the Coupe Dinnerware Collection from Sur La Table. These plates, bowls and platters are designed to bring out the very best in everything you eat by providing an elegant and classic whiteware look. Made from durable and versatile porcelain, this dinnerware can function as a workhorse in your home while serving elevated looks for special occasions and festive gatherings. Its minimalist design complements any decor. Think of this collection as your partner in bringing delicious, memorable meals to the ones you love.

Everyday Dining with Style
It doesn’t matter whether you’re enjoying a simple bowl of cereal in the morning or a formal feast that you’ve put together for an important holiday. With any meal, having beautiful plates and bowls to use can really impact your dining experience. The Coupe Dinnerware Collection offers a simple, plain white surface with smooth, round shapes and rimless edges to allow your food to take center stage. Every color and texture pops against this classic backdrop, which lets you savor every bite. From the humblest meal to the fanciest feast, you’ll want to use these pieces to showcase each ingredient.

Durable Porcelain Design
Our Coupe Dinnerware Collection achieves added versatility from its porcelain material. In addition to being beautiful and stylish, porcelain offers excellent durability for everyday use. It’s compatible for use in the freezer, microwave and dishwasher, which makes it much easier to incorporate in your cooking routine. It’s also oven-safe up to 392°F, allowing you to safely heat up dishes as needed. Choose from these Coupe designs or shop all our dinnerware collections to find your style.