Serving Utensils

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Add efficiency and style to homemade meals with serving utensils from Sur La Table. Serving spoons and forks are excellent kitchen accessories to have on hand, whether you’re serving up a special meal for a dinner party or simply enjoying a typical weeknight dinner with your family. Learn more about what to look for in a good serving utensil set and check out our options from some of the most popular culinary brands.

Types of Serving Utensils

Some of the most common serving utensils you’ll see are large serving spoons and forks. These dining accessories make it easier to dish out portions when you’re enjoying a family-style meal at the dinner table. The surface area helps with grabbing and dishing out all kinds of foods, including salads and pastas. Other serving utensils are often designed with a specific food in mind, like cheese knives, ice cream spoons, salt spoons and cake servers. For delicate appetizers, you may want to use small serving spoons and forks to help your guests grab each item individually.

Beautiful Serving Utensil Styles

Since serving spoons and forks are meant to be used at the dinner table rather than in the kitchen, you’ll want to be sure to choose something that’s practical as well as elegant. Wooden serving tongs and spoons have a warm, rustic feel, while classic stainless steel is versatile enough to complement traditional or modern place settings. For outdoor dining, consider colorful melamine servers to brighten up your table with accessories that are lightweight and durable. Shop the full collection of Sur La Table serving utensils to find the right fit for your home.