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The Best Oven Mitts, Pot Holders and More

Pastry chef, cook, grill master supreme: Whatever your title happens to be in your kitchen, there are a few simple tools of the trade that are required. Several of these kitchen essentials include high-quality, protective oven mitts and pot holders. These essentials help ensure that every cooking session goes off without a hitch, protecting you and your delicate surfaces from burns, drops, spills and splatters.

At Sur La Table, we have the best kitchen accessories for you or for your favorite home chef, all of which make the art of cooking even more enjoyable. Shop stylish all-purpose pot holders and oven mitts to complement your kitchen and personal style. Whether you’re removing that batch of delicious cookies from the oven, transferring your Dutch oven from the stovetop to the dining room table or setting out hot dishes on a countertop buffet, you’ll find the products you need at your fingertips when you shop at Sur La Table.

Everyday Oven Mitts

If you’re in the market for the best oven mitts for everyday use, you’re in luck. We have multiple options in different styles and patterns that are designed for both hand and finger protection, as well as to provide secure grips on whatever cookware or bakeware you’re handling.

Silicone-enhanced gloves and holders: Some of the newest, most innovative oven mitts available in the industry are those that have silicone accents. Silicone is highly resistant to heat for superb protection. These sturdy, easy-to-use gloves also have the added benefit of providing you with a great grip on your pots, pans and utensils.

Glove-style mitts: Protect your hands and retain the dexterity needed to turn foods with five-finger, glove-style oven mitts.

Mitt-style hand protectors: Oven mitts that feature the traditional “mitten” style are classics in any kitchen, and come in a variety of different styles, colors and designs to complement your seasonal décor or your kitchen’s design colors.

Pot holders:These go-to kitchen tools are must-haves. Use one in each hand to remove hot dishes from your stove or oven and place them on your dinner table to protect wood and other surfaces from burns or scorch marks.

Many of our patterns and styles are available as gift sets, which make them great gifts for the cooks in your life.

Think “Outside the Drawer”

If you have one of those overflowing oven mitt drawers, consider using the hanging loops to display these stylish oven mitts and pot holders. Displaying them has several benefits: it allows for easy access to these kitchen linens and keeps them well within reach whenever you need them. It also allows you to display your seasonal prints to complement the season, whether that’s for the holidays, autumn, winter and more. Pot racks or utensil hooks are great places to “store” these linens to eliminate full drawers.

Oven Mitts and Pot Holders at Sur La Table

Stop by often to check for new prints to add to your collection. From whimsical prints to traditional solids and stripes, you’ll find a great selection of products from which to choose. Shop matching kitchen items, such as kitchen aprons, kitchen towels and dish cloths, to coordinate these items for a cohesive look that you love.