Emile Henry

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Handcrafted from the rich clay of Burgundy, Emile Henry ceramics blend form and function with unique glazes, rich color and unmatched durability.

Enjoy making delicious homemade meals and desserts with Emile Henry bakeware and cookware from Sur La Table. Whether you’re whipping up one of your tried-and-true family favorites or you’re experimenting with a new recipe, you’ll love just how reliable these beautiful cooking dishes are. From classic bakers to elegant pie dishes and soup bowls, there’s a variety of products available from the popular Emile Henry brand on our site. Browse through this collection to find some gourmet-inspired pieces to add to your kitchen.

Why Should I Use Ceramic Baking Dishes?

Emile Henry, a French company founded in 1850, produces some of the finest quality ceramic ovenware and dinnerware. The collection includes casserole dishes, pie dishes and more, all of which have been made using this durable stoneware style. But what makes ceramic such a great choice for cooking and baking? First and foremost, it’s an excellent conductor of heat, so your meals cook more evenly. Emile Henry stoneware is also safe to use at high temperatures and won’t suffer from thermal shock when being moved directly from the freezer to the oven. Another element that helps in cooking and baking is the smooth glaze on each of these ceramic pieces. This ultra-smooth finish creates a nonstick cooking surface that’s resistant to scratches. It also makes ceramic bakeware and cookware easy to clean, especially since all Emile Henry products are dishwasher-safe.

The Best French Cookware and Dinnerware

If you’re looking for elegant cookware and dinnerware for your home, be sure to check out all the Emile Henry products in this collection. Lovely shades of rich red, deep navy and classic white make this brand’s baking dishes attractive enough to double as serving dishes on your dinner table. Add some Emile Henry bowls to your collection of dinnerware or choose a pie or quiche dish to create memorable meals for your family. Shop at Sur La Table today to find the best selection of fine French cookware and dinnerware for sale.