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Add beautiful pieces to your dinner table with flatware from some of the top brands. At Sur La Table, you’ll find stylish flatware sets from names like Fortessa, Zwilling, Dubost and French Home, all of which offer elegant and durable pieces to use while enjoying your meals every day. In addition, we carry our own line of affordable Sur La Table flatware in a variety of unique designs. Learn more about the best flatware brands.

Sophisticated Flatware Styles

Finding beautiful flatware is easy when you shop Sur La Table. We carry silverware sets from some of the most trusted names in the industry, including those preferred by professional chefs and foodies. Zwilling is best known for its high-performance cutlery, but also makes flatware that’s just as beautiful and expertly crafted. Fortessa is best known for heavy-duty flatware with stylish flourishes that add personality to your table. Dubost and French Home feature traditional, French-inspired flatware with durable stainless steel construction and weighted handles for long-lasting durability. Any of these brands are sure to make your meals feel more sophisticated and refined.

Specialty Flatware by Sur La Table

In addition to picking out a flatware set with standard forks, knives and spoons, you’ll also need some specialty flatware for serving up delicious meals to your family and your guests. That’s where Sur La Table comes in. Our unique selection of flatware includes items like cheese knives, appetizer forks, spreaders, demitasse spoons, chopsticks and more. Thanks to their distinctive designs, these Sur La Table flatware pieces will look especially stylish on your table, whether you’re hosting a special celebration or just enjoying a weeknight dinner. Get all your flatware from the best brands by shopping at Sur La Table today.