Bitterman Salts

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Portland-based Mark Bitterman spent over 25 years exploring salt in all its forms before producing this unique collection of hand-harvested salts.

Kick up the flavor in your favorite meals by using Bitterman salts from Sur La Table. This selection from Bitterman Salt Co. includes a variety of specialty products that are sure to elevate your dishes and satisfy everyone’s taste buds. With fancy salts for baking and frying, including flavored varieties, this brand is one of the choices for stocking your cooking pantry with essential ingredients. Learn more about Bitterman Salt Co. and how you can use their hand-harvested salts to make flavorful, delicious meals.

Types of Cooking Salts

With a wide variety of special salts from which to choose, Bitterman makes it easy to create all kinds of tasty snacks, appetizers, entrees and desserts. But which types of salt do you need, and how should you use them? Bitterman fleur de sel and flake salt have larger crystals that are great for finishing dishes. Sprinkle it on eggs, fish, meat or even salad for a burst of fresh flavor. The superfine salt crystals in Bitterman baking and frying salt are ideal for making delicate desserts or seasoning fried foods. Himalayan pink salt is another popular fine-grained option often used for baking and brining. And if you use cast iron cookware, be sure to use Bitterman’s coarse cleaning salt to remove rust, residue and caked on food.

Bitterman Salt Flavors

Another one of Bitterman’s specialties is creating beautifully flavored salts that bring bold yet nuanced tastes to your meals. Try a wine-infused pinot noir salt on your meats or roasted vegetables. Instantly add spice with Bitterman sriracha salt sprinkled over fried rice, hummus or eggs. Lemon flake salt is perfect for everything from grilled asparagus and seafood to margaritas and Bloody Marys. Find the best selection of flavored salts and seasonings when you shop for Bitterman Salt Co. products at Sur La Table.