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Use simple pantry staples to enhance the flavors in your favorite meals when you stock up on high-quality oils and vinegars at Sur La Table. These delicious accents can be used to add subtle hints of flavor or have a bold presence on the plate. Any home chef needs to have these essentials on hand, which is why we offer such a wide range of options of oils and vinegars from which to choose. You can customize your meals by selecting the products that suit your tastes. Browse through the full collection on our site to discover gourmet olive oil and balsamic vinegar brands along with other unique oils and glazes to add to your dishes.

How to Use Oils and Vinegars in Cooking

Olive oil, vinegar and similar products are considered pantry essentials because these types of products are so versatile in the kitchen. A splash of olive oil in your favorite pots and pans is all you need for sautéing vegetables or searing a piece of meat. Balsamic can be drizzled on top of dishes as a condiment for a complex, rich flavor on everything from meats and fish to fruits and ice cream. Both oils and vinegars are integral to making fresh salad dressings or for marinating meats and tofu. There are plenty of ways to get creative with these products in the kitchen.

Great Gifts for Home Cooks

If you know someone who loves to experiment in the kitchen, consider browsing through this collection to find inspired gifts for the home chef. A cooking oil gift set makes a wonderful gift for any special celebrations, including those occasions where you just don’t know what to give someone. In fact, olive oil and balsamic vinegar gift sets make some of the best housewarming gifts, and they can be given as holiday gifts for those who are tough to buy for, like coworkers, service workers and teachers. Choose from this selection to customize your gift with unique oils and vinegars they’ll love.