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Tempt your taste buds with this selection of gourmet snacks from Sur La Table. These delightful little treats are sure to satisfy your craving for something salty and crunchy. With options like gourmet brand popcorn and nuts, it’s easy to find something to make your mouth water in this collection. Stock up on some fun products to make sure your pantry is packed with delicious go-to snacks whenever a craving strikes.

How to Choose Party Snacks

If you want to provide some snacks for guests during a party, it’s important to consider what types of food are best suited to the occasion. If it’s a formal party, many hosts and hostesses opt for gourmet appetizers. But when you want a more laid-back atmosphere without sacrificing when it comes to flavor, our selection of snacks offers just what you need. Choose popcorns made with gourmet popcorn seasonings that offer rich, decadent flavors. High-quality nuts in unique flavors add a fun, zesty treat to your kitchen table. These gourmet snacks are easy to eat by the handful and offer a powerful punch of flavor at an affordable price point. Set some out in small serving bowls to add a stylish touch to your gathering.

The Best Popcorn and Snack Brands

At Sur La Table, we stock the best popcorn seasoning brands and nut brands to ensure that your snacks as are tasty as possible. Some of our customer favorites include The Hampton Popcorn Co., which features unique flavors like bacon cheddar and white truffle parmesan. These popcorns come the brand’s iconic striped tins, making them ready for setting out during parties or gifting to loved ones. Find the best snacks to suit your tastes when you shop for gourmet foods at Sur La Table.