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Organize your pantry with ease when you use food storage containers from Sur La Table. If you’re tired of trying to find what you need when it’s time to cook or bake, these products are sure to come in handy. They help keep your pantry free from clutter and provide a designated place for some of your most important ingredients. These containers also help to lock in freshness and flavor so you get the best results in the kitchen. Give your cupboards and pantry a makeover with the helpful food storage products in this collection.

Tips for Keeping Food Fresh

It’s frustrating when food to be tossed out because it has gone bad. If you want to make sure your ingredients last as long as possible, stock up on some of these food storage products. Each one is designed to preserve the freshness in your foods so they’ll taste fresher for longer. Get containers for your flour, sugar and other baking ingredients. Store products that can quickly go stale like bread and cereal in dedicated storage containers. Use silicone food savers to preserve veggies that have been partially used, and stash snacks and other odds and ends in reusable silicone bags. Keep glass storage containers on-hand so you always have a handy place to put your leftovers, and use oil containers and salt pigs for keeping pantry staples fresh.

Top Food Storage Brands

You’ll find some of the most trusted names in the industry when you browse through this collection. Anchor Hocking produces durable, long-lasting glass storage containers that look stylish on any countertop. Faberware and Stasher both offer excellent silicone food storage products that reduce waste in the kitchen. For food storage with a reliable airtight seal, check out our selection of products by OXO containers. You’ll also find affordable food storage solutions from our own Sur La Table brand.

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