Butter Dishes & Gravy Boats

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Keep your butter at the ready in a stylish butter dish or gravy boat from Sur La Table. This collection of beautiful butter crocks, warmers and covers includes a variety of unique designs that are sure to add a personal touch to your dinner table. With so many great options, it’s easy to find one that fits your needs perfectly while also complementing your table settings and dinnerware. Learn more about butter dishes and check out our complete collection of butter servers, butter crocks and butter warmers to find one you love and that best suits your needs.

Reasons to Use a Butter Dish

Butter dishes were once an elegant way to display what was a luxury ingredient in most homes. But even as butter has become a commonplace pantry staple in modern households, the dishes designed to display it haven’t gone out of style. Butter doesn’t need to be kept in the fridge, and a butter dish is a great way to keep this food ready to go when you need it for your toast, sandwiches and gourmet recipes. However, placing it on the counter requires a cover to keep it sanitary and protected. When you use a butter dish, it means that this ingredient is always available at the ideal smooth, creamy consistency. Also known as butter bells or butter keepers, these dishes keep the butter fresh and flavorful. Keep it on the counter for easy access while cooking, and then transfer it to your kitchen or dining room table for buttering breads easily during a meal.

Butter Dish Materials and Designs

Butter dishes from Sur La Table are made with many different types of materials, including stoneware, glass and wood. Some of our most popular butter dishes are made of ceramic. This stoneware material is durable and nonporous, so it won’t let in moisture or odors that could affect your butter’s taste and consistency. Glass butter dishes allow you to see the butter inside and can add a sophisticated touch to your table. For a more rustic piece, our Sur La Table Olivewood Butter Tray is a fantastic piece to add to your serving utensils. Need melted butter? Choose a butter warmer, which will help soften the butter without burning it and keep it at the ideal temperature for vegetable and seafood dishes. Looking for a butter crock? We offer several fantastic options, including this Le Creuset Butter Crock that is available in multiple color options.

Shop at Sur La Table today to find the right butter dish for your kitchen and dinner table.