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Stretch your culinary capabilities with a Marcato pasta machine from Sur La Table. Many home chefs are adventurous in the kitchen, but the prospect of making their own pasta can seem daunting. Marcato machines help to streamline the pasta-making process for beginners and pros alike, making it possible to enjoy restaurant-quality pasta dishes in your very own home. If you’ve been looking for a great new tool to add to your kitchen, check out these pasta makers and tools from the Marcato brand.

Italian-Made Pasta Machines

When you want to make your own pasta at home, it’s important to rely on authentic Italian techniques. That’s why we’re such big fans of these Marcato pasta makers. Each one is designed and produced in Italy and combines the best traditional pasta-making methods with the most advanced materials and technology. Since 1930, Marcato has been one of the most trusted brands for pasta machines due to the premium quality of their products and the outstanding pasta they’re able to produce. If you’re looking for a quality pasta maker that celebrates timeless Italian craft and culture, you can’t go wrong by selecting one of these specialty kitchen tools from Marcato.

Types of Homemade Pasta

If you’re new to making your own pasta at home, it’s wise to start out with some of the most basic pasta styles. Standard Marcato machines such as the Atlas come equipped to make simple pasta styles like lasagna, spaghetti and fettucine, all of which also happen to be easier to make when you’re a beginner. Once you’re ready to move on to new types of pasta, you can get Marcato attachments to make capellini, mafaldine, trenette and more. Use your Marcato pasta maker and accessories to experiment with all kinds of tasty pasta dishes at home.