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Peugeot pepper mill in red color
A French Original
Iconic salt and pepper mills loved in kitchens and on tables throughout France since 1840.

If you love kitchen products that are equally as beautiful as they are functional, you’ll love these tools and gadgets from Peugeot. This iconic French brand is known for the exceptional quality of every product it creates. In addition, Peugeot has been an innovator in the culinary world, creating new and exciting accessories over the years. Discover their beautiful salt and pepper mills along with other handy tools featuring the Peugeot name.

The History of the Peugeot Brand

Since the 1800s, Peugeot has been creating hand tools and kitchen equipment. Although it later emerged as a leader in luxury automobiles, the brand never strayed from its culinary roots. It still creates some of the most highly regarded kitchen gadgets, from the best pepper mills for grinding spices to perfection to easy-to-use corkscrews for opening and sharing a special bottle of wine. de them a trusted and respected name among both professional chefs and home cooks.

Peugeot Salt and Pepper Mills

Of all the amazing products created by this brand, Peugeot pepper mills and salt mills stand out as perennial fan favorites. With elegant shapes to bring style to any dinner table, these salt and pepper grinders instantly elevate a meal both in terms of atmosphere and flavor. You can expand your capabilities as a home chef even further with other Peugeot kitchen tools, like corkscrews. Shop the full collection at Sur La Table to discover unique and beautifully crafted cooking accessories.