Kitchen Shears

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Upgrade your kitchen tools with a new pair of shears from Sur La Table. There’s no reason to settle for subpar kitchen scissors, especially since this particular accessory is often underutilized by home cooks. These shears aren’t your average pair of scissors, and they’re nothing like the haircutting shears you might have in the bathroom. They’re specifically designed to tackle food prep tasks, and once you have a good pair on hand, you’ll discover that you’re using them far more often than you had imagined.

Ways to Use Kitchen Shears

Kitchen shears aren’t just for opening up food packaging. These scissors are actually quite versatile and come in handy in countless ways. Use them to slice through pizza or quesadillas without making a mess. Break down poultry or cut uniform slices of bacon with ease. Chop up herbs quickly or prep greens for a fresh salad. If you ever encounter an ingredient that’s tricky to chop up with a knife, just ask yourself if kitchen shears would get the job done more efficiently.

Quality Shears for Home Chefs

If you care about having a good set of knives, then it’s just as important to choose a high-quality pair of shears. Just take a look at our selection to see why — you’ll notice that many of the shears we offer come from some of the biggest names in kitchen cutlery, including Miyabi, Wüsthof and Shun. These brands know that shears need blades that are as well-crafted and durable as those featured on your go-to chef’s knife or paring knife. At Sur La Table, our high-quality kitchen shears make it easy to get precision cuts, whether you’re using a pair of all-purpose shears or a specialty options like herb shears or poultry shears.