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Create beautiful, even slices quickly and easily with these kitchen tools from Sur La Table. Our collection features classic mandoline slicers along with gadgets like egg slicers, bagel guillotines, apple wedges and more. These tools make meal prep faster, and they reduce your reliance on knives for creating perfectly even and thin slices.

How to Use a Mandoline Slicer

Safety always comes first at Sur La Table. Mandoline blades are incredibly sharp, so it’s important to know the proper techniques for using this kitchen tool. Place the mandoline perpendicular to your body and slice away from yourself in a forward and backward motion, keeping even pressure while moving the food over the mandoline blade. Sur La Table offers accessories helpful for protecting your fingers, like food guards and cut-resistant gloves. Check out our blog post on Tips for Safely Using a Mandoline Slicer for more. With these tips, you can easily shave fruits and veggies for salads, create delicate coleslaw, prep a potato gratin and more.

The Best Mandolines, Slicers and More

If you’re on the hunt for a slicer like a mandoline, Sur La Table has a great selection of high-quality products from which to choose. Get a PL8 professional mandoline to slice like a top chef or try a GEFU cutter for a safe and easy chopping method. Be sure to check out our complete collection of peeling, slicing and chopping accessories to complete your kitchen tool collection.