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Make your meals even more delicious with these nut and herb tools from Sur La Table. Our selection of kitchen shears, food choppers and more will help you make the most of every flavorful ingredient. If you’ve been wanting to experiment with new recipes or add a fun, tasty twist to some long-time favorites, bringing in herbs or nuts is a simple, yet effective solution. You’ll be even more confident in the kitchen when you have these handy specialty tools within reach. Learn more about our selection of nut and herb tools and get inspired with new recipe ideas.

Types of Herb and Nut Tools

Working with the right tools can help to bring out the best flavors from your ingredients. With herbs, it helps to have both herb strippers and herb shears on hand to speed up prep tasks. The strippers will remove herbs like rosemary, oregano and thyme from the stems. Herb shears have multiple blades so you can cut ingredients like chives, parsley, cilantro and basil in a fraction of the time. For nuts, make sure you have a solid nutcracker on hand to break through tough shells safely and cleanly. Use a food chopper to get them diced up perfectly to sprinkle over your dish. These and other tools from this collection allow you to properly handle each specific ingredient with ease.

Recipes with Nuts and Herbs

There are all kinds of great ways to use herbs and nuts to enhance your recipes. Herbs can be especially wonderful for adding more flavor to soups and stocks. You can also sprinkle them into salads, mix them into a marinade or even incorporate them into a bread dough to produce more flavorful loaves. Nuts are also incredibly versatile for both cooking and baking. Toast them for a more intense flavor and aroma or use freshly chopped nuts to create a nice crust for fish. Nuts also add a textural element to salads and balance out sweetness in desserts with a salty element. With these nut and herb tools from Sur La Table, you’ll be inspired to try some new recipes.