Olive Oil Dispensers

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Whether you’re drizzling olive oil on veggies before roasting them in the oven or creating a delicious homemade salad dressing, having the right kitchen tools can make a major difference. This selection of oil dispensers from Sur La Table features a variety of dispenser styles to allow you to experiment as a home chef without making an oily mess on your counters or stovetop.

Whether your go-to is olive oil, sesame oil, canola oil or a smattering of everything so you have whatever is needed for different dishes, an oil dispenser allows you to eliminate large, unattractive bottles that don’t function well, swapping them out for beautiful, functional dispensers that will fit in with your kitchen’s design and your cooking preferences. And with designs to complement any type of kitchen decor, you’ll be sure to find the perfect fit.

Types of Oil Bottles and Dispensers

From purely practical to beautifully decorative and everything in between, there are a number of different types of oil dispensers, bottles and cruets available in our collection. A few of our recommendations include:

Glass oil dispensers: These classic olive oil dispensers allow you to see exactly how much you have left in the container. Glass oil dispensers can feature handy pour spouts—or they may have traditional-style, capped tops. A clear glass oil dispenser is also beautiful to display, especially if you add a sprig or two of fresh herbs, such as rosemary or thyme.

Cruets: Cruets’ spouts allow for oils to pour smoothly and may contain a filter for herbs. They may also feature dual vessels for two ingredients, such as olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Ceramic oil dispensers: Ceramic and porcelain olive oil dispensers can add an elegant touch to your countertops, and will protect the contents from light. Available in multiple colors, you can coordinate with your kitchen’s design or color code your oils for at-a-glance use.

Oil misters: If you want a lighter application of olive oil, use a mister that delivers a fine spray. Use handy oil misters to spray a pan, apply a light misting of high-quality oil to salads before serving or apply oil to veggies and meats before cooking.

Stainless steel oil dispensers: These sleek dispensers are often kitchen tool essentials for the modern kitchen, and are available in both easy-pour or misting options.

Beautiful Oil Bottles

Olive oil containers typically live on countertops for easy access, so you’ll want to choose something that fits with your kitchen’s style. For a rustic or farmhouse look, choose porcelain oil containers. A glass oil cruet often has a slightly traditional look, while those with sleek, metallic finishes are more modern in appearance.

Shop the full Sur La Table olive oil dispenser collection to find a shape and style that suits your home. Remember that olive oil dispensers, misters and decanters can also make fantastic gifts for the cooks on your gift-giving list. Although any of our available olive oil misters would make a welcome gift, consider a set or something from our house collection, such as our Sur La Table Pump Action Oil Mister.