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Kitchen Tongs at Sur La Table

No kitchen is complete without a great pair of kitchen tongs. These functional kitchen tools are must-have essentials that will go from food prep to serving those foods with ease. They allow you to turn meats and veggies as they’re cooking as well as serve up those foods in perfect portions at the dinner table.

Durable Materials, Innovative Designs

Because cook tongs are some of the most reached-for kitchen utensils in your home, we know you’ll want to choose one that not only functions the way it is intended but will look great as well. That’s why we’ve chosen some of our favorite designs from the top brands in the cookware and food preparation industry to offer to our customers. These food tongs are available in many different materials that are designed to stand the test of time — as well as high food temperatures — to provide you with many years of quality use. Shop large and small tongs made from durable stainless steel, silicone, bamboo and nylon. You’ll find a wide variety of styles in our inventory, from easy-grip scissor tongs, toothed spaghetti tongs, plating tongs and more. For a two-in-one tool that goes from whisking to tossing and serving with zero effort, consider whisk and grab tongs.

Stock Up on Kitchen Tools at Sur La Table

Stock up on the essentials you need at Sur La Table. We know how important finding the right kitchen utensils are and why durable, long-lasting products are needed. For over 50 years, everyone from home cooks to professional chefs has looked to us to be a leader in kitchen supplies, dining essentials, décor and resources. Browse our site for great products from the top brands in the industry, as well as well as our premium house brand, Sur La Table. Make more and gather often with us as we provide the kitchen tongs, tools and other go-to items you’ll need to make something delicious in your kitchen.