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At Sur La Table, we professional Kasumi knives that are handcrafted in Japan. Their knife makers have manufactured high-quality cutlery with a time and true tradition from their swordsmiths. Made of VG10 stainless steel with a Damascus look steel, their impressive cutlery sets add charm to your kitchen and make cooking and prepping easier.

Kasumi Gourmet Knife Sets

The Kasumi Santoku Knife, Set Of 2, is made from 32 layers of folded stainless steel. This makes them both a precise and durable choice with sharpness, unlike others on the market. Its resin handle is made from countless wood layers is attached to a strong rivet. The set includes both a 5” and 7” Santoku knife.

Professional Knife Tools

For the best sharpening in your home, the Kasumi Multi-Sharpener allows you to sharpen different blades. It features both a twin sharpener and water stone with a spring system that adjusts for a smooth sharpen for any size of knife. This tool helps keep your knives as sharp as they were when you first bought your Kasumi knives.

A Kasumi Combination Whetstone can help you keep the edges of your knife's blades sharp. When your blade edge is in poor condition, begin sharpening it with #240 rough grit; if it’s in average condition, try the #1000 medium grit. Both can help you keep your knives sharp for normal use in a home kitchen.

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