Miyabi Evolution

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Making your favorite meals or experimenting with a new recipe should be fun, but when a dull knife slows you down, it can be a drag. To make sure every cut is as smooth as can be, shop the Miyabi Evolution Knife Collection available at Sur La Table. Each knife is carefully crafted in Seki City, Japan’s samurai sword-making capital since the 14th century. Influenced by hundreds of years of tradition, these knives offer the ultra-sharp edge and durable construction you need for serious home cooking. These are the knives you’ll reach for any time you need to tackle a cutting task in the kitchen.

Refined Cutlery Made to Exacting Standards
Miyabi is known as one of the best knife brands due to the company’s commitment to quality craftsmanship. Expert artisans refine each product, ensuring that the blade delivers the sharpness and strength needed for a kitchen workhorse tool. Their ground-breaking technology offers even more resilience in the face of all kinds of tough ingredients. Fine carbide distribution helps the blade maintain its sharp angle, especially because it’s applied to premium steel with an incredible Rockwell hardness of 61. That level of hardness is extremely rare among kitchen cutlery and is part of what keeps these knives so durable over time. A double Friodur hardening process aids with corrosion resistance. During its creation, a single knife is touched by 46 different artisans before ultimately being hand-honed and polished to a mirror finish.

A Knife Handle That’s Comfortable to Hold
Though the blades certainly stand out, the handles on Miyabi Evolution knives are just as impressive. The triple-riveted design has stylish red spacers. The handle is weight-adjusted for a balanced feel, and the rounded shape reduces fatigue while cutting and slicing regardless of whether you use an Eastern or Western grip. Choose from these Evolution knives or shop the full Miyabi collection to outfit your kitchen with premium cutlery.