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Zwilling Four Star Knives

Zwilling J.A. Henckels has been recognized for nearly three centuries as one of the best knifeware manufacturers in the industry. Registered in Solingen, Germany, in 1731, these premium knives and cutting utensils have gone on to incorporate superior slicing, dicing and chopping implements in kitchens throughout the world. Zwilling Four Star Knives are compatible with all skill levels — from the amateur home cook who loves to prepare dishes for their family to professional chefs whose knife sets are tools of the trade.

A Zwilling Knife Tailored to Every Cutting Need

At Sur La Table, you’ll find a great variety of Zwilling Four Star Knives to accommodate all kinds of uses. For smaller vegetables like bell peppers, potatoes or herbs, a paring knife will do the trick and is easy to handle. A serrated Zwilling knife is another kitchen essential, and will allow you to cut through crusty breads, such as baguettes, with ease. A chef’s knife is a must-have for all kinds of foods, and Zwilling chef’s knives are essentials in any kitchen. The medium-sized blade slices through all kinds of foods with ease — from meats and fruit to vegetables and garlic. German precision will impress you, and the comfort of the chef knife’s balanced handle will allow you ultimate control.

Zwilling Knives at Sur La Table

Shop Zwilling knives at Sur La Table, available in both block knife sets as well as individually, which will allow you to tailor your knives to your specific needs. These beautiful German-engineered knives are guaranteed to be wonderful additions to your food preparation and serving lineups, and will provide you with consistent, trusted use for many, many years.