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Breville 9-cup Paradice. All the power of Breville's top-rated food processor, now in a countertop-friendly size.
Breville Appliances: From Espresso Machine to Toaster Oven

Juice, brew, roast and toast. From the Breville toaster oven to the espresso machine that has home baristas giddy, this is one small appliance brand you’re going to want to get to know.

Breville is a Sydney, Australia-based home appliance maker best known for their cutting-edge small kitchen appliances that delight consumers. The company was founded in 1932 as a maker of radios and mine detectors for the war, but pivoted to focus on manufacturing small appliances after the end of World War II. Today, Breville is considered a leader in small kitchen appliances, with juicers, espresso machines, toaster ovens and toasters ranked among the best-of-the-best. At Sur La Table, we offer an array of award-winning Breville appliances for your kitchen.

Take countertop cooking to the next level with a Breville toaster oven, pizza oven or air fryer. These cutting-edge appliances utilize the very best in cooking innovation to bring pro-level cooking to the residential kitchen. For instance, Breville toaster ovens feature the brand’s proprietary Element IQ System, which cooks food intelligently using cutting-edge sensors and algorithms to ensure a precise, error-free result. We also have Breville toasters, waffle makers and microwaves to help you upgrade your countertop cooking station. Find inspiration for your new appliance with our collection of air fryer recipes, smoothie ideas, and more.

The Breville Smart Oven isn’t just for quickly whipping up weeknight dinners. It’s also hot and versatile enough to serve as your backup for sides and mains during big dinner parties and holiday feasts.

Upgrade to a Breville Espresso Machine

Here for the Breville espresso machines? We don’t blame you. This is the brand that has worked so hard to make barista-level brewing accessible at home, with popular options like the Bambino and the Barista Express changing the way we think about sipping espresso—and, in turn, cappuccinos and lattes and Americanos—without leaving the house. Using the best burr grinders and the most precise espresso extraction methods, Breville espresso makers turn bean to espresso in under a minute. For the price, few home espresso machines can do what Brevilles do.

Not sure which Breville is best for your needs and budget? We’re here to help you find the right option, and our team is highly knowledgeable in all things Breville.