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The World’s Favorite Multicooker
No kitchen should be without it. Explore over a dozen ways to cook and share countless memorable meals in one simple-to-use machine.
Instant Pot: The Do-it-All Multicookern

There’s a reason why the world went through a collective Instant Pot mania when this incredible multicooker debuted in 2010. The Instant Pot is an 11-in-1 cooking device that has the unique power to replace nearly a dozen of your most-used kitchen gadgets, including your pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice maker, yogurt maker, steamer and warmer—it’s truly emblematic of kitchen versatility. You can even use your Instant Pot to sauté or brown meat without the need to fire up the stove, which is great for all those slow-cooker recipes with browning as the first step. Sur La Table has the best from Instant Pot so you can give this revolutionary countertop gadget a try.

The Instant Pot is what we consider a true weeknight heavy-lifter. Designed to help you master thousands of once labor intensive dishes, the Instant Pot simplifies dishes while cooking two to six times faster and using up to 70 percent less energy. It has over a dozen built-in smart programs that allow you to make foolproof soups, stews, chilis, rice, yogurts and more with the press of a button. Another thing we love about the Instant Pot is that it has an automatic keep warm mode that ensures that your food stays warm until it’s time to eat. At Sur La Table, we have Instant Pot in a variety of sizes and options to suit your needs.

Looking for a revolutionary meal prep companion? Prepare and freeze Instant Pot meals that you can toss in with minimal prep on busy weeknights.

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As Instant Pot has grown, we’ve seen them debut a range of incredible pressure multicookers, air fryers and other countertop appliances that help simplify and streamline cooking. Sur La Table is always on the cutting-edge with new releases from your favorite appliance brands, so check back often to see what’s new from Instant Pot.