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Find the Best Vitamix Blender for You

Founded in Olmsted Falls, Ohio in 1921, Vitamix produces top-quality blenders that bring commercial-grade power and versatility to the home kitchen of busy individuals. Vitamix blenders aren’t your typical occasional-use appliances you employ a couple times a year for smoothies and margarita mixes. They’re rugged, professional machines that can, and should, be used every day for crafting healthy, delicious meals. A Vitamix blender is the only thing standing between you and homemade nut butters, non-dairy milks, smoothies, soups and so much more. Ready, set, blend (and whip and mix and muddle and emulsify).

Blend like a pro. Load your blender container methodically for the best results. Place heavy and frozen items on top of lighter ingredients like leafy greens and powders. This will help weigh down the ingredients so they blend faster.

How to Choose the Right Vitamix Blender

Sur La Table is happy to help you find the best Vitamix blender for your needs, budget and preferences. Whether you prefer high-tech, touchscreen-equipped blenders (Smart System) with pre-programmed settings or a classic device that leaves you in total control (Classic), you’ll find a Vitamix blender that feels professionally tailored to your needs. The pro-level Vitamix A3500 series is by and large considered the company’s top-tier model, offering five program for consistent, convenient results plus variable speed control and built-in wireless connectivity and a programmable timer.

The Vitamix A2500 is a step down from the A3500 but still offers many impressive features, including three program settings (smoothies, hot soups and frozen desserts). For those looking for an entry-level or mid-grade Vitamix, we recommend the E310, which features a high-performance motor with a pulse feature that lets you create virtually every texture imaginable. At Sur La Table, we’re committed to helping you find the best Vitamix for your budget, so don’t overlook our selection of certified reconditioned Vitamix blenders which offer the same amazing functionality at a fraction of the cost. With great warranties, you can consider your Vitamix an excellent investment.