Milk Frothers

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Think you need to visit your local café in order to get a fancy coffee drink? Think again. With these milk frothers from Sur La Table, it’s easy to make a creamy cappuccino or latte right in your very own kitchen. This simple tool will have you feel like a professional barista in no time, and you don’t need to have a fancy coffee maker in order to get the caffeine kick you crave. Check out our collection of milk frothers and find out which product is best for your custom coffee creations.

How to Use a Handheld Milk Frother

If you love coffee drinks with creamy foam, you can purchase an espresso maker with a built-in milk frother. That’s a great option for some, but if you prefer to keep using your current coffee maker, a handheld milk frother offers an easy and affordable alternative to buying a brand-new machine. This simple gadget has a motorized whisk, which spins the milk at a high speed. This creates a smooth, creamy foam in under a minute, allowing you to quickly upgrade any coffee to a cappuccino or latte. It’s also a handy device for adding milk foam to hot chocolate.

The Best Milk Frother Jugs

Another type of milk frother to consider is the jug design. This type of frothing device includes a heating element so that the milk can be frothed at a hot or cold temperature depending on your personal preference. Compared to a handheld frother, the jug design offers the added benefit of heating and whisking the milk in one step. It’s a bit larger in size, but the added convenience of heating the milk is an attractive feature for many coffee lovers. If you’re ready to experiment with making premium coffee drinks at home, check out our full collection of milk frothers and coffee makers at Sur La Table.