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Create delicious meals more efficiently than ever before with the help of these food processors from Sur La Table. This handy appliance is the perfect gift for a home chef who wants to tackle food prep jobs faster. Whether you’re trying to whip up a healthy breakfast or you’re preparing for an elaborate dinner party, a food processor helps to chop, dice and slice ingredients quickly and consistently. Start browsing through this selection of food processors from trusted name brands to find the perfect fit for your kitchen.

Perfect Food Prep Every Time
Certain food prep tasks can really slow down a recipe, especially if you’re cooking by yourself. But what if you had a sous chef helping you every step of the way? When you choose a mini food chopper or full 16-cup food processor from this collection, it’s like having your very own assistant to tackle those tasks for you. Whether you’re chopping nuts, dicing tomatoes, shredding cheese or making fresh pasta dough, the machine does all the work for you so you can get to the next step in your recipe ASAP. Plus, our high-quality food processors make sure all that prep work is done consistently, which means no more odd chunks of onion or hunks of cheese accidentally make their way into your meal.

Top Kitchen Appliance Brands
This collection of food processors and food chopping devices includes options from some of the biggest names in kitchen gadgets. Choose from trusted brands like KitchenAid, Cuisinart and Breville when you shop on our site. You can also check out our food processor sales to save even more on this and other must-have kitchen appliances. Make Sur La Table your go-to resource for all your needs as a home chef.