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Get one of the most practical and versatile small appliances for your kitchen when you shop for stand mixers and attachments at Sur La Table. This kitchen gadget is sure to revolutionize the way you cook and bake. It’s like having your own personal helper to do a number of tedious tasks while you work your way through a recipe. Plus, the stylish designs make it an attractive addition to any countertop. Shop for top-rated stand mixers from brands like KitchenAid and find all the essential attachments you need in this collection.

A Must-Have Appliance for Every Kitchen
For home chefs and bakers, the stand mixer is one of the most indispensable tools in the kitchen. Mixers come with a variety of functions, so they can help with all kinds of cooking and baking tasks, like stirring, whipping, creaming and folding. The powerful motor does the hard work for you so you can just dump in the ingredients, push a button and watch your recipe come together. A variety of optional stand mixer accessories allow you to add even more features. For example, our collection of Ankarsrum and KitchenAid mixer attachments includes all kinds of unique options, including sifters, strainers, pasta rollers and more. Because they are so versatile, mixers are one of the most highly recommended essential appliances for the kitchen.

KitchenAid Mixers and More
Finding a high-quality, durable mixer that’s built to last is easy when you shop on our site. We offer a wide selection of products from popular brands, including a variety of KitchenAid mixers in different sizes. You’ll also find products from trusted names like Wolf Gourmet, Ankarsrum, Cuisinart and Kenwood. Push your cooking and baking abilities to the next level with this selection of stand mixers and attachments from Sur La Table.