Pressure Cookers

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Need to get dinner on the table in a hurry? Use one of these powerful pressure cookers from Sur La Table. With a variety of stovetop and electric models from which to choose, it’s easy to find the perfect small appliance for your cooking needs. These products are capable of reducing your cooking time by more than half while also helping to lock in flavors for a truly delicious meal. Start browsing through our collection of pressure cookers from top brand names like Cuisinart, Breville, Zavor and All-Clad to find the ideal fit for your kitchen.

Cook Quickly and Efficiently
A pressure cooker is capable of cooking all kinds of meals and sides at a much faster rate compared to other kitchen tools. High settings are great for cooking tough cuts of meat or hearty foods like potatoes, while lower settings allow you to quickly cook fish and delicate vegetables. There are almost endless possibilities when it comes to what you can whip up with a pressure cooker, including rice, lentils, beans and homemade soups and stocks. Multicookers can also perform a variety of important cooking tasks, including browning, steaming, roasting, braising and boiling. With so many great features and versatile uses, the pressure cooker will quickly become your favorite kitchen appliance.

Shop for Brand Name Kitchen Products
This collection of pressure cookers includes options from some of the most popular kitchen brands, including Cuisinart, OXO and All-Clad. You’ll find pressure cookers and multicookers at a range of price points to suit any budget. In addition, you can add helpful features to your appliance with pressure cooker accessories, such as roasting racks or canning supplies. Our affordable prices make it easy to upgrade your kitchen with a versatile multicooker and related attachments. You can even check for a pressure cookers sale to save even more on this essential kitchen appliance. Shop at Sur La Table today to enjoy even more possibilities as a home chef.