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It’s light, it’s crunchy, it’s delicious and it’s never been easier to make! Enjoy popcorn in a brand-new way with a popcorn maker from Sur La Table. If you want the quality and flavor of movie theater popcorn in your very own home, these popcorn poppers are just what you need. Choose from a variety of electric and stovetop models when you browse through this selection of name-brand specialty appliances. With plenty of tasty ways to customize this treat, it’s sure to become one of your household’s most popular gadgets. Start shopping now to find the perfect popcorn machine for your home.

Pop Up Something Special
If you’ve been using microwave popcorn at home, it’s time to rediscover the magic of air-popped popcorn. Not only is it healthier and fresher, freshly popped popcorn is also much more affordable. Simply pick up a container of kernels and you’ll have plenty to last through multiple movie marathons or binge-watched episodes. In addition to being tastier than the microwaved version, air-popped and stovetop popcorn is easier to customize with your choice of toppings. Add in butter and salt for the classic movie theater popcorn taste. Other options include chocolate, caramel, cheese and flavored seasonings. Once you start using one of these popcorn makers, you’ll never want to go back to microwaved popcorn again.

Pick from Top Brands
You’ll find the very best options for picking out a popcorn maker when you shop on our site. A hot air popcorn maker from a trusted brand like Cuisinart is easy and convenient. If you want the classic stovetop experience, opt for a Whirley Pop popcorn maker with a built-in stirrer for the best flavor in every bite. Shop at Sur La Table today to find all kinds of unique small kitchen appliances for the home chef.