Sous Vide Cooking

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Get Even, Consistent Results with a Sous Vide Cooker

Though it’s been applied in French cooking for decades, the sous vide cooking method has exploded in popularity around the world in the last few years, and it’s easy to see why. Also known as low temperature long time (LTLT) cooking, the sous vide technique involves placing food in an air-tight plastic pouch and cooking it in a low-temperature water bath for an extended period of time—anywhere from one hour to several days. This is done at a low temp, around 135 degrees Fahrenheit. Food comes out amazingly flavorful, even and consistent every time.

How Does Sous Vide Cooking Work?

Sous vide cooking isn’t just a meat-eater’s game. It can also be used to cook the perfect soft-poached eggs, herby root veggies and even mac and cheese bites.

Sur La Table has everything you need to try sous vide at home so you can make the most out of going low and slow. Typically, the technique requires three important pieces of equipment—an immersion circulator (this long device is inserted into the water container to circulate and heat the water to a precise temperature), a pot or container to hold the water and an air-tight bag to hold your food. Another option to master this method is the water oven, which eliminates the need for the immersion circulator and water receptacle by combining it into one unit.

Everything You Need for Sous Vide: Machine, Vacuum-Sealer and More

With compact, affordable sous vide equipment, this cooking method has become more accessible than ever. Here you’ll find the very best home immersion circulators, such as the Breville Joule, to get you started. Many people prefer to vacuum-seal their meat, fish or veggies with the sous vide method (sous vide actually means “under vacuum” in French), which helps ensure that no air gets in and prevents food from floating or overcooking. We have durable, professional-grade food vacuum sealers, reusable storage bags, sealing tape and more excellent sous vide accessories to help you get started here at Sur La Table.