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Host a festive gathering outdoors with the help of this summer backyard BBQ collection at Sur La Table. From flavorful rubs and BBQ sauces to refreshing ice cream starters and ice pop molds, you’ll find a variety of great products to make your event go off without a hitch. Celebrate in style and delight your guests using these classic summer foods and ingredients. Learn more about our lineup of backyard barbecue foods to find out which ones you’ll want to stock up on before your next party.

Tips for Barbecuing on the Grill

When you’re ready to fire up your outdoor grill and make something tasty for family and friends, make sure you reach for some of our Sur La Table BBQ staples. Start by adding a tasty rub to your meat. You can even use rubs to add a little extra flavor to grilled veggies, too. Add a little premium, flaky salt to really bring out the flavor and ensure moist, tender results. As your main dish is cooked to perfection, slather on the BBQ sauce. Whether you like a sauce that’s sweet, tangy or spicy, you’ll really seal in the flavors by adding the sauce while grilling. When it’s all done, serve it up with some tasty sides on your outdoor dinnerware and enjoy your meal al fresco.

How to Make Your Own Ice Pops

Skip the store-bought popsicles for your dessert and make some of your own instead. The great thing about homemade ice pops is that they’re easy to make in advance, so you don’t have to fuss with them during the party. Instead, they’re ready to go as soon as everyone is ready for a refreshing, sweet treat. Using fruit juice is an easy option, but you can also customize your flavors by combining different flavors and adding in chunks of fresh fruit, creamy yogurt or even chocolate chips and sprinkles. Just put the ingredients in your ice pop molds from Sur La Table and you’ll have a delicious dessert ready to go for your party.