What Brew Are You?

What Brew Are You?

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What Brew Are You?
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What you will learn
Become the Master of your coffee domain. Learn how to brew the perfect cup of coffee at home using the brewing method you love best. Illy Master Barista, Giorgio Milos, will guide your through the proper technique using your favorite coffee making method.

Coffee is the second most consumed beverage after water and is the perfect opportunity to prompt social activity. In our classes you will work together with other students in a fun environment led by Master Barista, Giorgio Milos.

  • Learn coffee’s origins: from Ethiopia, to Brazil and beyond.
  • Understand bean agronomy and chemistry: critical coffee expertise.
  • Witness and taste brewing methods including Filter, french press, MOKA, and Espresso, traditional and iperespresso.
  • Learn how to brew the perfect cup of coffee to your liking.
  • Take away delicious coffee drink recipes.
Your Host and Instructor: Giorgio Milos, Master Barista, illycaffè.
Bringing over 20 years of coffee expertise, Milos is a Global Instructor at illy’s Università del Caffè and Lead Instructor Specialty Coffee Association of America and is currently the Master Barista for illy caffè, North America.
What Brew Are You?