Gifts for the Coffee Lover

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Who can resist a hot cup of joe? If you know someone who is especially fond of their daily caffeine fix, be sure to check out this collection of the best gifts for coffee lovers at Sur La Table. This list includes the most popular picks for those who truly love this classic drink. This includes simple items that work for any budget-friendly coffee gift idea, such as quality coffee beans and drink-making accessories. In addition, you’ll find a selection of high-end coffee machines with all the bells and whistles if you’re looking for a coffee lover gift worth splurging on. No matter what your budget is, we have a standout coffee gift they’ll love in this Sur La Table collection.

Popular Coffee Upgrades

Sometimes, a simple switch can make someone’s morning coffee routine even more enjoyable. If you want to treat your favorite coffee lover to a gourmet experience, give them a new flavor to try with their morning cup of joe. We offer coffee pods, grounds and whole beans from some of the most beloved luxury coffee brands, including illy. Gift cards may be nice, but these thoughtful and flavorful gifts make your offering even more memorable.

In addition, we have fun gadgets that can take their java to the next level. A milk frother is one of the best tools for any coffee fan who wants to try making their own cappuccinos, lattes or other drinks with a splash of rich, foamy milk. For another great gifting idea for what to give coffee lovers, check out our selection of simple coffee makers, including espresso pots, French presses and drip coffee makers. Each of these devices offers an exciting new way to make coffee at home, which can allow them to experiment with different types of brews to find their favorite.

The Ultimate Coffee Lover Gifts

Are you looking for an extra-special coffee gift that’s a bit of a splurge? For big celebrations and milestone events, we recommend getting a coffee lover a brand-new coffee machine for their kitchen. Our collection includes a variety of high-quality basic coffee makers as well as some of the most deluxe espresso machines on the market. Whether your loved one prefers a cappuccino, espresso, cortado, flat white or cold brew, you can find a machine that essentially acts as their at-home barista. Browse through options from top brands like Nespresso, Bodum, Breville and more to find the perfect fit. Treat a coffee lover to a gift they’ll always remember with one of these machines from Sur La Table.