Coffee & Espresso Accessories

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Discover the best selection of espresso and coffee accessories when you shop at Sur La Table. We’ve put together a curated collection of the top tools for making coffee so you can add a major wow factor to your daily cup of joe. These accessories are easy to use and made with high-quality materials, ensuring that you get the best results when making your own coffee beverages at home. Many of these products are also designed to work with some of the most popular coffee makers and espresso machines available on our site. Start shopping now to find new and exciting accessories to experiment with when it comes to getting your caffeine fix.

Bring the Coffee Shop to Your Kitchen

These coffee-making tools and accessories are perfect for anyone with a weak spot for the drinks at their local coffee shop. While it’s fun to try new coffee drinks, the costs of buying them at a café will add up fast. Using these tools with a coffee maker in your own kitchen allows you to enjoy fabulous flavors and fresh, hot beverages for a fraction of the price. Try using a milk frother for a tasty cappuccino or latte. Get the richest flavors by using a coffee grinder for your beans to make espressos or French press coffee. With so many great accessories, you can easily try out some creative new concoctions for your daily coffee.

Keep Your Coffee Maker Clean

Our collection of espresso and coffee accessories also includes a variety of products to keep your coffee maker in top working condition. Stock up on cleaning tablets to remove scale residue and flush the fluid systems. Find filters that are suited to your specific coffee machine to get the purest cup of joe possible every time. Brew your coffees and espressos with these handy accessories from Sur La Table to enjoy at-home coffee masterpieces.