Bakeware Sets

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Having professional-grade bakeware sets makes cooking and baking easier in your home. At Sur La Table, we sell a large variety of cookie sheets, cake pans, loaf pans, muffin tins, and more. Choosing the best products ensures that your recipes always turn out exactly how you want. We sell bakeware sets in different materials to suit the needs of every home chef.

Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned baker, this set will give you everything you need to make delicious baked goods. Each of the pans has a nonstick silicone coating to make it easy to retrieve your desserts from the pan without them sticking. Made of aluminized steel, it offers the best heat transfer and durability for many years to come in your kitchen.

This bakeware set includes:
  • Two half-sheet pans
  • Cooling grid
  • Baking grid
  • 8" x 8" square cake pan
  • 9" x 13" rectangular pan
  • One pound loaf pan
  • 12-well muffin pan

Bakeware sets allow you to have all the equipment you may need for anything you choose to cook or bake.