Pie Dishes & Tart Pans

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Make homemade pies that fill your home with mouthwatering aromas using these pie dishes and tart pans available at Sur La Table. These baking dishes feature the high-quality designs and materials you need for delectable results every time. Whether you’re whipping up a fancy fruit tart for a special brunch or creating classic comfort foods like chicken pot pie, you’ll find the perfect pan for the job on our site. Choose from a variety of aluminum, ceramic and glass pie pans to create savory and sweet pies your family and friends will love.

Differences in Pie Pan Materials

When you browse through this collection of tart and pie baking dishes, you’ll notice a number of different materials. So, how do you know which one is best-suited to your baking needs? Aluminum pie pans are capable of heating and cooling more quickly, which makes them great for recipes that require blind baking or par-baking. Ceramic pie pans from trusted brands like Le Creuset and Staub move easily from the refrigerator to the oven and they double as beautiful serving dishes. Glass is another great option because it heats at a slow and steady rate for more consistent baking, and the clear material makes it easy to check the browning on the bottom of your pie.

Important Features in Pie and Tart Pans

Besides the material your pan is made of, there are a few other factors you should consider when choosing a baking dish for pies and tarts. You may want a deep dish or shallow dish depending on the recipe. Mini tart pans are perfect for creating individual servings. Pay attention to the pan shape as well, as some pie pans feature a ruffled or crimped edge that lends a decorative touch to the finished product. Shop at Sur La Table today to find an excellent lineup of high-quality, durable baking dishes for tarts and pies as well as lovely serving utensils for dishing out portions at the dinner table.