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Staub bakeware in white
Elevate baking with handmade ceramics featuring signature enamel finishes in vibrant, rich colors.

Add durable and beautiful pieces to your collection of kitchen equipment with ceramic bakeware by Staub. Sur La Table offers a variety of expertly crafted ceramic pieces from this trusted brand, making it easy to expand your repertoire as a home baker. Whether you’ve loved Staub cast iron skillets and other Staub cookware and for years or you’re new to this French brand, it’s time to check out their incredible selection of beautifully made bakeware. Learn more about Staub ceramic baking dishes, mixing bowls and more to find out what you need to add to your own bakeware collection.

The Benefits of Ceramic Baking Dishes

Staub’s specialty when it comes to bakeware is high-quality ceramic bakers. These dishes are designed to give you perfectly even baking results time and time again. Each one has glass-porcelain enamel glaze finish that prevents the dishes from absorbing any moisture or odors. The stain-resistant and scratch-resistant surfaces are perfect for busy home kitchens. The ceramic itself distributes heat evenly and efficiently, so it holds heat well and produces even baking results. It’s also resistant to thermal shock, so you can move these bakers and casseroles directly from the freezer to the oven to the table without any issues.

Staub Bakeware Designs

When you shop at Sur La Table, Staub bakeware can be found in a range of beautiful colors and designs. In fact, these ceramic baking dishes are so attractive that you won’t need to put your food in another dish to serve it. Simply put these elegant bakers right on your table and dig in. Whether you’re whipping up a delicious dip, baked pasta, roasted veggies or a delicious fruit crisp, you’ll love being able to make and serve them in classic and colorful Staub bakeware.