Ramekins & Souffles

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If you love desserts like custard and pudding or you like to make fancy dips for chips and veggies, you should have a few ramekins in your kitchen bakeware collection. Ramekins are circular dishes that are usually constructed of some sort of glazed ceramic. They are used to serve individual portions of salads, side dishes or desserts, and although they're usually ceramic, they can be made of virtually any material. Soufflé dishes are similar to ramekins but are generally larger. They have ridged sides for maximum heat exposure during baking. This helps the egg whites to expand evenly and puff the soufflé up over the top of the dish, making it look very impressive.

Classic Ramekins

We have a wide selection of ramekins and soufflé dishes, and we even offer a variety of cooking classes that you can take either online or in the store. The Set of 2 Emile Henry Modern Classics 7 oz. Ramekins are only available at Sur La Table and are perfect for small soufflés or desserts like crème brûlée or pudding. This set offers:

  • Signature Burgundy clay and French construction techniques
  • Oven safe to 500 degrees F and microwave safe
  • Can go from freezer to oven
  • Glaze is lead and cadmium-free and is scratch-resistant

These classy, European-looking ramekins are produced one at a time and are hand-finished by skilled artisans. They come in two colors that will complement your kitchen and dining room decor.

Soufflé Dishes

Serving a fancy soufflé for dessert to guests after a wonderful meal is a way to show them all that you're a skilled chef. Soufflés are often a challenge to prepare because if the air is not whipped just right into the mixture, the whole thing can cave in and look pretty pathetic. But your chances of getting it right are better with soufflé dishes from Sur La Table. The Sur La Table Porcelain Round Soufflé Dish with Ribbed Sides comes in four different sizes and is fired at high temperatures to create a non-porous finish. They're dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe, and they are resistant to chips, stains and scratches.