Food Gift Packaging

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Treat your loved ones to something special you crafted in your very own kitchen with the help of food gift packaging from Sur La Table. This stylish selection includes a number of boxes, tags and other wrapping products that can be used to present your culinary creations as thoughtful gifts. In addition, you can find lovely boxes for giving a bottle or champagne or wine as a gift. Browse through this collection to get inspired with unique food gift-wrap options.

Ideas for Baked Good Gifts

Food gifts are some of the most appreciated items for special occasions. If you make something yourself, it lends the gift a personal touch. And by choosing to give a gift that’s consumable, you cut back on waste and can bypass worries about whether your gift is something the recipient will like. After all, who doesn’t love getting food as a gift! Some of the best foods to give as gifts are baked goods. They’re easy to package up, especially if you make cookies, muffins or loaves of bread. If you want to try your hand at something a little more challenging, make your own candy, homemade preserves or infused olive oils. When there’s no time to whip something up in the kitchen, opt for a classic bottle of wine or champagne as your gift, possibly with a lovely wine stopper or corkscrew to make your gift extra-special.

Tips for Food Gift Packaging

If you’re giving baked goods, sturdy craft paper boxes and baskets are one of the best options. They’re easy to assemble and can be recycled afterward the goodies are gobbled up. Be sure to use some paper for padding between smaller items like cookies to keep them from crumbling. Alternatively, you could make something like a casserole in a lovely piece of bakeware that doubles as part of the gift. For champagne and wine, choose a lovely bottle box that protects the glass from breaking and can be easily accented with a bow for a festive touch. Top it off with a gift tag and you’re be all set to give a memorable food gift to someone you love.