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OXO makes everyday kitchen tools that are simple, easy and thoughtfully designed. At Sur La Table, you’ll discover a wide selection of OXO products that make meal prep easier, from measuring cups and spatulas to can openers, salad spinners and more. This fan-favorite brand is always a great choice whenever you’re searching for utensils and gadgets for the home chef.

History of the OXO Brand

There’s a personal feel to everything in the OXO collection that stems all the way back to when the company was first established. OXO founder Sam Farber actually created the first OXO peeler for his wife Betsy, who suffered from mild arthritis. Their old-fashioned metal peeler was difficult and painful for her to use, so Farber created one with an ergonomic handle and non-slip grip. That same approach to comfortable and easy-to-use tools has been a part of every OXO product ever since, which is why many people find that they reach for the brand’s creations again and again.

OXO Cookware and Kitchen Tools

Whether you’re baking or cooking, there’s likely a great tool to be discovered in our Sur La Table OXO collection. Create amazing homemade dinners with OXO Good Grips silicone roasting racks, meat tenderizers, potato mashers and choppers. Whip up professional-looking baked goods with decorating sets, whisks, measuring cups and scales. You’ll also find helpful kitchen accessories like sink caddies, paper towel holders, dish racks and more. Shop the full selection of OXO products at Sur La Table to find useful gadgets just for you.