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Follow recipes to the letter by using quality measuring cups and scales from Sur La Table. The right measuring tools are essential for making sure your meals taste just as delicious as you hoped they would. In baking, measuring is especially important for getting the right ratios in all your wet and dry ingredients, so it’s important to have the proper tools for each step in the recipe. Learn more about how to select measuring cups and what to look for in a kitchen scale.

Wet Versus Dry Measuring Cups

Did you know that you should have two types of measuring cups? One should be for dry ingredients, while you should have another specifically made for liquid measurements. Dry measuring cups come in sets, with each one made to hold an exact amount. The design allows you to level off the dry ingredients inside with a flat edge for better measuring precision. Liquid measuring cups are typically made from plastic or glass and have the measurement lines that you can read on the outside. This allows you to get the right amount without spilling.

The Best Kitchen Scale Features

Another way to measure is by weight, which is why many home chefs also have a scale for food and recipe ingredients. If you’re getting a digital food scale, be sure to look for an easy-to-read display. The scale dish should have a sufficient capacity for your needs and be easy to clean. Glass scales are great, but if you have a busy kitchen with kids around, you might prefer something less breakable. Shop at Sur La Table to find the best food scales and other measuring accessories from top brands like All-Clad, OXO and Anchor Hocking.