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Baking is an art, and Ateco has everything you need to bring your most delicious ideas to life.

Add an extra element of fun to every baking project with cake decorating and baking tools from Ateco. At Sur La Table, you’ll find a variety of products from this trusted brand, making it easy to express your creativity. Add a personal touch to a birthday cake or try your hand at creating delicate pastries from scratch. The possibilities are endless when you use these Ateco piping bags, decorating sets, pastry tools and more.

DIY Cake Decorating Tips

Even if you’ve never decorated a cake on your own before, these products can help make the process feel not only easy, but also fun. You can start by using an Ateco icing spatula to create a perfectly smooth layer of icing all over your cake. Next, fill Ateco pastry bags with frosting to create decorative accents. You should use a separate bag for each color. Swap out the tips as needed to create different designs, such as letters, ribbons or flowers. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to create beautifully decorated cakes for all kinds of special occasions.

Why Choose Ateco Baking Tools?

If you’re looking to make your own pastries at home, you’ll definitely want some Ateco pastry tools on hand. Each of these baking accessories features high-quality materials and expert designs to ensure you get the best results with any kind of pastry. Use an Ateco pastry cutter to achieve perfect cuts for pies and pasta. Apply egg washes, glazes, marinades or sauces on sweet and savory creations with an Ateco pastry brush made with food-safe bristles. These and other Ateco baking tools from Sur La Table are great for elevating your baking.